How to Pick The Best Line For Crankbaits

If you’re looking to catch more fish on crankbaits and reduce snags, switching to a good crankbait line will help. What makes a good crankbait line, you may ask? Good question! You’re looking for a few specific traits laid out here. Also, make sure you’ve selected a good rod for fishing with crankbaits. That will be important to getting the right physical behavior out of your rod/line combination.

What to Look For in a Crankbait Line

Crankbait line selection in the fishing line aisle

Good Crankbait Lines Have Less Stretch.

This is probably the most important quality to look for in a line for crankbait fishing. Your crankbait is resisting the pull of the line with a lot of force. If you have a stretchy line, you lose some control of that bait. You also lose sensitivity, which is important especially when bouncing crankbaits off structure.

You Want a Crankbait Line That Sinks.

Most crankbaits are made to sink, at least a little. Some are meant to dive deeply, with a big bill that forces them lower.  Some dive only a few feet with a smaller bill. Lipless crankbaits are meant to sink gradually based on how long you delay your retrieve and the speed of that retrieve.

Regardless of how they sink, they’re all made to sink and stay sunk for the most part. It makes sense to use a line that will also sink and allow them to stay down.

Crankbait Line Should be Invisible or Nearly Invisbile Underwater.

Some lines are inherently more visible than others underwater. Of course, the deeper you go the less visible they will be, but an invisible line will decrease the chance of fish at any depth seeing it. Choose a line that refracts light similarly to the way water does.

Fluorocarbon Crankbait Line Fills These Needs Better Than Mono or Braid

Fluorocarbon line or “floro” as it’s commonly called, has the best combination of these qualities.

Flouro has less stretch than mono, it sinks quickly, and it doesn’t draw your lure up towards the surface.¬†Flouro is nearly invisible underwater, even at shallow depths. The way it refracts light is very similar to how water refracts light. This makes it camouflaged underwater.

If you must use something other than flouro, try mono as it is still less visible than braid. Mono may have more stretch than you want for retrieving, but at least it will give as needed when a fish shakes its head to throw the lure.

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