How To Use a Crankbait For Bank Fishing

When you know how to use a crankbait from shore, you can catch a lot of bass. We’ve spent countless hours on the water catching fish from the bank, and we’ve even used these tips to get some anglers their PB!

Using a Lipless Crankbait From the Bank

For bank fishing, use a lipless crankbait to get to the right depth without using a deep diver. The lipless crankbait sinks about one foot per second, so let it sink until its at the depth you want. Then work it over or around structure. Use the right combination of pulling and reeling to do that while bringing it shallower.
A deep diver would get you snagged trying to do that, so the lipless is the way to go. Throw it straight out or at an angle, or you can wade into the water if possible to throw more parallel.
In Springtime, try letting it sink into the weeds, then rip it out. You can run it over the weeds and if you hit a weed, you can rip it hard. That creates erratic action that will often cause a reaction strike. Always remember to match the hatch colors for the season.
Lipless crankbait gets another Largemouth Bass from the bank. Pic by @colrobinsonfishing on Instagram. 

Using a Squarebill Crankbait from the Bank

You can get more creative with where you fish using a squarebill crankbait. Fish around wood, around docks, rip rap, and rock piles. Note that unlike fishing from a boat, you should avoid heavy weeds. You don’t have as good an angle for ripping the lure up and free of weeds. A longer rod will help you with these techniques, giving you more lift over obstacles.
Squarebills are very effective when fished well from the bank.

Squarebills are very effective when fished well from the bank. Pic by @c2castwear on Instagram.

Work the squarebill parallel to the banks, or at a slight angle out. A good rule of thump is up to 45 degrees away from the bank. You want to hit hard structure along the bank and ricochey off. As the bait dives, you’ll hit the structure, bounce off, and that will create the action that makes bass go crazy. That will give you the strike you’re looking for. Use a steady medium retrieve to keep the bait bouncing off rocks without snagging.
Also try to use a squarebill around docks from the bank, and make it ricochet off of dock pilings. The squarebill gives you a bigger bounce off of structure than other cranks. That helps prevent your hooks from getting hung up on that structure. If you can find a point, fish the squarebill up the point or across the point where possible. Always remember to check your color to fit the water you’re fishing. 
Bank fishing crankbaits for big bass

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