Two Crankbait Mods Any DIY Angler Should Try

If you like to improve tackle you get from the store, this is for you. You can fish crankbaits right out of the box, and there’s nothing wrong with doing that. But if you like modifying things for performance, try these crankbait modification ideas.

Make Crankbaits Quiet by Stopping the Rattle

Fish in clear water and/or very small bodies of water are more sensitive. The noise you make, the noise your lure makes, and fishing pressure can all reduce your catch ratio. Everything has a larger impact than it does in larger bodies of water. 
Most crankbaits come with a rattle. If you find that the fish near you don’t respond well to rattling crankbaits, you can stop the rattle.

What You’ll Need

  1. The rattle usually uses small metal balls, like BB’s or ball bearings. You’ll have to drill into the compartment(s) where the rattling balls sit. Make the hole as small as you can while still bigger than the tip of the superglue nozzle.
  2. Stick the super glue tip into the hole you drilled, and squeeze out a little superglue.
  3. Give the lure a very light shake, with the hole pointed up. That way all the little rattle balls get coated in glue and stick to the inside.
  4. Wait a minute or so, since the glue will have to dry with limited air inside the bait.
  5. Add a little more glue, and give another light shake to the lure.
  6. Wait another minute and then give the lure a good shake. All your rattles should be quiet now.
  7. Once you’ve stopped the rattle, you need to close up the holes you drilled in the lure. Use some 1 minute epoxy to do this. You can use the super glue if you must, but epoxy works better.
  8. Mix your epoxy on a piece of scrap. I like using a popsicle stick to get a full mixing and so that I can easily spread the epoxy afterwards. Mix a small amount, using a quick circular stir.
  9. Get a small dab of it and force it into the hole(s) in your bait. Dab a little bit more, and use a clean edge of the popsicle stick to squeegee off any extra. This will give the epoxy a smooth surface where that hole is. If you still have residual epoxy on the bait, quickly use an alcohol wipe to remove it.

Adding Weight to Crankbaits for Longer Casts

Crankbait lure getting launched into the air

Launch your crankbaits further by adding a little more weight (very little). Pic by @asmartimage on instagram.

If you have small, light crankbaits that you need to cast further, you can increase the weight. This is especially helpful for bank fishing, especially on windy days.
You can use lead tape – but as the bait gets used, moisture and flexing will peel the tape. Instead, you can buy tungsten dust and mix it with epoxy.

What You’ll Need

  1. Work a piece of tungsten putty into a thin strip.
  2. Stick the putty to the bottom of your crankbait. Be careful to balance it along the centerline of the bait.
  3. Mix your 1-minute epoxy on a piece of scrap.
  4. Brush the mixed epoxy along the underside of your crankbait around and over the tungsten putty. You only need a little bit, so go easy.
  5. Spread it evenly along the bottom of the bait. Then, leave the bait held level, belly down with some pliers or vice grips so that it can dry smooth.
  6. After it cures completely (usually an hour or more), wipe it with alcohol to get off any residue.
  7. Paint over it, along with a layer of clear coat. If you don’t have paint made for lures, you can use fingernail polish instead.


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