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The Giant Fish That Didn't Get Away

I use St. Croix rods for bass, too, but my best St. Croix story came on a saltwater flat in the gulf of Mexico. I saw a beast of a fish cruising across the flat on a windy day. With the control offered by my lightweight st. croix Premier rod, I whipped my lure 70 feet, landing perfectly in the target zone. The fish got there a second later and picked up the lure. I set the hook and knew I was in for the battle of my lifetime. From that distance, I could see the fish was easily over 4 feet long.

For what seemed like an eternity, I fought to bring him closer. A few times, I got him within 20 feet but then he made another run each time. Meanwhile, I had to wade further onto the flat just to keep him from getting to the channel. I knew if he got to deeper water he could easily spool me. 

A grueling 30 minutes later, I landed the largest black drum I've ever seen (and I've seen some hogs). He was longer than my 60" measuring tape, and I didn't have a scale. Lifting him with both arms required some leg strength. I'm confident he was over 75lbs, although I don't know by how much. My 70lb dog was much, much easier to lift in that manner. 

On a lightweight rod! Luckily I had 30lb braid on it (most of my salt rigs use 8lb mono), or I wouldn't have stood a chance. What a fish.

That day, the question of "Are St. Croix Rods any good?" was put to rest. I've never had any reason to doubt them sense, either. 

Unfortunately I didn't get video footage that day, so enjoy this instead:

Video of a GT (Giant Trevally) Being Fought on a St. Croix Premier

Obviously, I'm a huge fan of these rods. They're strong, sensitive, have a great backbone, and they're priced well. I think they're worth more than they're usually priced, actually.

The last 10 years I've seen a lot of rod companies focus on marketing and reduce rod quality, while raising prices. St. Croix rods are still high quality rods and the price hasn't gone up, that I've seen. 

As you can see in the video below, they have a great warranty program, as well. If they fail, they get replaced. It's no wonder bass anglers and saltwater fisherman love this rod company. For many years they were the best kept secret, but as you'll see in this video by BiteTheBaitFishing, everyone is catching on.

St. Croix Premier Review From BiteTheBaitFishing

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