Best Squarebill Crankbait Rods (Under $100!) in 2023

You want to catch more fish. We want to help you catch more fish. Having the best crankbait rod you can afford will help. Everyone wins!

To make it easy for you, we tested rods and scoured the entire internet to find you the best rods for crankbait fishing. The rods on this list are some cranking workhorses. They’re strong and sensitive, with the parabolic action you need. They have plenty of backbone and the feel you need to make the most of every retrieve with a billed crankbait. Even better, these won’t break the bank!

St. Croix Premier Series Crankbait Rod

Another crankbait rod with a great feel, and just the right action for casting cranks. St. Croix is known for strong, high-quality rods, and I stand by them (I’ve even fought a 70lb black drum on one of their ultralight salt rods). You can expect that same quality from this rod. You can also expect long, accurate casts and a good fighting backbone. All with a lightweight feel that will keep your hands lively on those long days of cranking.

Picture of the guide of a fishing rod, the St. Croix Premier Series Crankbait Rod

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Duckett Fishing Ghost Casting Rod

Another well-trusted series of crankbait rods is the Duckett Ghost. The 7′ or 7’6″ with parabolic action is what you want. That will give you the fighting power you need and the proper line tension to keep those treble hooks in place. This baitcast rod is lightweight, strong, and sensitive with a nice tip and Micro guide technology. It has plenty of give for head-shaking fish. It comes with a comfortable EVA handle (some like, some don’t) that is narrow and allows you to get a solid grip with your whole hand around the reel. Some anglers like tha for leverage on the fish, while others prefer a thicker handle for comfort.

Lew’s David Fritts Perfect Speed Crankbait Casting Rod

This graphite/fiberglass blend crankbait rod combines strength and flexibility for top performance when fishing with squarebill crankbaits. This lightweight composite rod features graphite reel seats, stainless guides with aluminum oxide inserts, and premium cork handles. With the strength and flexibility you need, this is a good rod for the price.
 Picture of a fishing rod, the Lew's Fishing David Fritts Crankbait Rod

13 Fishing Omen Black 2 Crankbait Rod

This composite crankbait rod is a relative newcomer but a force to be reckoned with. The 24 Ton Toray graphite with Japanese T-Glass makes for a lightweight rod with sensitivity, parabolic action, and plenty of power. This rod is great for throwing crankbaits over an ounce in weight all day. The balanced, featherlight design with a premium Portuguese cork handle and Evolove Soft Touch Engage reel seat will keep your hands comfortable as well.
Image of a fishing rod. The 13 Fishing Omen Black 2 crankbait rod

Abu Garcia Veritas Casting Rod

The Veritas is a well-balanced, lightweight, sensitive crankbait rod with good hardware. The 7’11 Heavy Cranking rod with moderate action gives you the backbone and stiffness of a flipping rod, with the parabolic action of a cranking rod. This gives you the sensitivity you want and the forgiving action you need for hook sets – and to keep the hooks set when the fish jumps and does a head shake.

Abu Garcia Veritas Crankbait Rods aka "The White Rod"

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