Fishing App Showdown: The Three Best iOS Apps For Anglers

When your line is dry and your gear is in the garage waiting to get back out on the water – here are the best time killers and boredom fillers. Now you can bring the best of bass fishing straight to your phone and play around at work instead of actually doing stuff.

We reviewed tons of fishing games apps and found some stinkers and some real winners. You can download these bad boys from the app store for a few bucks or less!

#1 – Our Gold Medal pick: Bass Fishing Emoji 

How has technology allowed us a phone with face scanning capabilities without any bass fishing emoji apps for iPhone and android? Thanks to bass fishing artist Daniel Larsen, now you can just tack on X# of bass fishing emoticons – not just that default dinky little aquarium fish on a line.

screenshots from bass fishing emoji app

The stickers/emojis are high quality and hilarious.

People say: “They’re hilarious, and there’s one for every situation. I’m laughing thinking about them all right now, actually.”

Child Safe?: Yes

Our Verdict: With loads of funny fishing emojis and no premium upgrade features to unlock, Bass Fishing Emoji is a must have for any angler and their kids. The message features work across almost all devices and messaging programs.

#2 – Our Silver Medal pick: Master Bass Angler: Fishing

Master Bass Angler: Fishing brings a more arcade action style to bass fishing. They cut out the waiting and went straight to the fun part, offering a chance to catch a fish on every cast. Wouldn’t that be nice in real life? It’s pretty addicting and there’s a lot to learn with some real skill involved.

screenshot from master bass angler app

This game is a lot of fun, even if no substitute for real fishing.

People Say: “A lot of fun when ya can’t get out and do it in real life.”

Child Safe?: Yes.

Our Verdict: Let’s be serious – this is nothing like real fishing, but it’s super fun. You won’t sit around for hours getting eaten by mosquitoes and you don’t have to wake up early, you just get to catch bass after bass after bass. But you can’t eat what you catch, and that’s… the catch.

#3 – Our Bronze Medal pick: Fishbrain

Fishbrain is like the Waze app but for fishing. Users can share their own locations where they catch fish (as well as pictures and techniques,) so that other users can access that information. The more info people give, the more they can find on the database. Is this the best way to fish for bass? No – obviously you still need the skills to hook them in! But this app might get you where you need to be to do that.

screenshots of fishbrain app

Still a good social media app for anglers, even if you don't want to share your spots - which we understand.

People say: “If you know fish people, we hardly share our knowledge unless we’re leading you away from the good spot so this is a valuable tool.”

Child Safe?: No. Users are allowed to post anything in their pictures, so buyer beware. Besides, the core mapping function is more adult oriented.

Verdict: Fishbrain allows you to record and possibly discover some new places to catch via pictures, information and locations. You can show off your prizes to the fishing community. The app is free, but to get functionality you need to unlock the (many) premium features.

The Brown Stinker – FLW Tournament Bass Fishing

FLW Tournament Bass Fishing is an older app, but it’s everything wrong with an app so it won our special stinker award. First off – this app is supposed to offer you access to watch live video of real life tournaments, get the latest results and offers some fishing tips.

People Say: “Won’t be paying for something when I can watch it online for free. That’s bull.”

Child Safe?: Yes, as long as your kid doesn’t throw your phone overboard because they’re waiting for the videos to load.

Verdict: Skip this and watch the content they’re charging for, free on the internet instead. The Fishing Tips section is useless and even the section about the anglers in the tournament only offers barebones basics. You’re better off with Google.


Download the top fishing apps for under ten bucks, then get out there and fish, fish, fish! Each app has it’s own unique quirks and usability, so you and your fishing buddy can take turns texting your friends, posting your prizes, and finding new fishing holes.

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